Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Victory in the Valley

Today I'm continuing my search for whatever answers and support are out there.  Today I decided to check out Victory in the Valley, a nonprofit organization in our area for resources and support of cancer patients/survivors.  It's always nice to find a community of others with similar experiences.  The bad news was they didn't personally know of any wheelchair users who also happen to be breast cancer patients or survivors.  It looks like I might be a trail blazer once again.  Good thing I know how to do that  :)

I was so impressed with the services provided and plan to use those that I need.  They offer practical services like a boutique to help you figure out wig or turban fitting if that becomes necessary in my future as well as post mastectomy supplies.  They also offer supportive mentoring relationships between the newly diagnosed and a survivor who has walked through this valley before as well as support groups.  There is even a yearly women's retreat.  I'm not sure I'll be feeling well enough for a retreat in August, but we'll see.  I have a hard time fully understanding why when I feel fine right now I'm about to make decisions that will leave me feeling terrible for an indeterminate amount of time.   Logically I get it, but emotionally I'm not sure it makes much sense.

I was feeling loved and supported within minutes.  Check out the awesome goody bag in the pic above.  I got an amazing booklet called, "Navigating the Cancer Journey" that helps answer many of the questions swirling around in my head.  I also asked my specific question regarding surgical options and actually got opinions as well as a more detailed description of the impact on my arm usage and left armed with questions for my doctors.  So, I came home and called immediately and talked to the nurses.  I finally felt like I was armed with solid information and could have an informed discussion.  :)

I left with a bag full of goodies, a head full of newly learned information, cards and pamphlets about all the services offered (including facials, chair massage, art therapy, etc.)  I have found a place to ask my multitude of questions and get answers based on experience.

I even left with information about medical tattooing.  Who needs reconstruction when you can camouflage your scars with cool tattoos or even enhance your reconstruction?  Maybe I've found the reason to add a tattoo to this body?   What do you think?  :)

For those of you who know me well you know the most practical gift today was the organizer to help keep all necessary medical/scheduling information in one place.  The gift I was most drawn to was the blue afghan (see it draped on the back of the chair).  Everyone needs a blue blankie to help them through life.  Just ask Linus.

And yes, the name is based on Psalm 23;4  "Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me."

Thanksgiving for today:
Victory in the Valley
Feeling empowered
Helping my son finish four language arts lessons
Blue blankie

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  1. Angel: what a beautiful name. I'm Pat Bangle, a very good friend of Shari Ramsey. Your mother, Shari, and I are the same age. I was diagnosed with Breast CA in May 2013. Had a single mastectomy. Went through extensive chemo, Herceptin, and to be on arimidex for 5 years. I'm struggling with this medication, so I don't know how it will turn out. We all have a fear of hearing that diagnosis. BUT - when it came, it seemed as if I were suspended in a different realm. I knew I was living here BUT at the same time, I wasn't. The whole thing didn't seem real and it still doesn't. BUT -- I learned one thing: THERE IS MORE FEAR IN FEARING THE GIANT THAN FACING THE GIANT!!!!!! (Here I was: facing CA face to face!!!! Joni Erickson (your mom will remember her) went through it after I was diagnosed. (You are in a different element. It does change you BUT don't let it define you.) Cancer is under the name of Jesus Christ. It, too, must bow its knee. I work at the call center at Daystar Television Ministries. The Scripture that the Lord gave me was: "Pray for one another that ye MAY be healed." That was my personal word. Giving myself to other's hurt helped to eliminate mine. About a couple of times, I got into real fear BUT thank God - I came through. Also, remember that you're walking through the valley of the "shadow" of death. The key word is shadow. No matter what a diagnosis says, our "times are in God's hands." We all have an appointed time to cross over BUT let NO disease take us before our appointed time. As far as your treatment goes, seek the Lord. His still small voice will guide you. Cancer is out of the pit of hell. It's mission is to kill & destroy BUT thanks be unto God that the second Adam (Jesus Christ) has redeemed us from the curse. Jesus shed precious blood for our healing. He suffered so much from those whippings and lashings that he almost died before he gave his life for the remission of our sins. That's why I will always pray for health. "By those Stripes. ......" The Word doesn't say that we're either too young or too old to be healed. It just says: "By Those Stripes, We have been healed." BUT you say -- I know of someone who believed just like that and they didn't live. My part: is to "Fight the Good Fight of Faith" - believe what the Word says - and then allow the Lord to perform." If, our purpose, our destiny has been fulfilled on this side - then peacefully may we cross over. BUT, until that time - I will hang onto this scripture and speak it over you. "I Wish above all: that you prosper, walk in health, even as your soul prospers." The Lord is concerned about body, soul, spirit. and when we pray the Lord's prayer: "Thy Kingdom Come, They Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" - what's it like in heaven: No sickness, No poverty: there's love, joy, peace, health, abundance. To those of us attached to Jesus Christ - may we have the freedom to pray that heavenly realm into our lives. God Bless you Angel. Stay close to the Lord. You WILL get through this valley. It will change you and place you in a higher plane of ministry.

  2. I have no doubt that I will get through this valley and I WILL BE HEALED. What I don't know for sure is where that perfect healing will take place--here on Earth or in my eternal home in Heaven


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