Thursday, May 7, 2015

Plan of Attack

I saw my oncologist today so now my treatment team is complete and plan is in place. The first part of the plan is underway--genetic testing.  So, we wait.  I'm already a little tired of waiting, but at least things are supposedly happening, they just take time.  Next step, surgery.  For some, the next step is chemotherapy.  But, my oncologist agreed that with the size and grade of my tumor and the fact that it is HR-1 negative, surgery can be the first step.  So now is the time to decide the extent of the surgery.  After surgery comes the pathology report and then chemotherapy if needed and then radiation if needed.  This is all followed by a minimum of 5 years of hormone therapy.

So, now I know, maybe what is coming.  I'm sure there's no real way to know what's coming until I actually experience it, but at least I have a little idea and know what to research.

Regardless, this is the beginning of the long haul.  Please hang in there with me  I sure don't want to do this alone.

Thankful thoughts for the day.,
Improved glasses prescription
Complete treatment team and plan
Supportive teachers

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