Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Collecting Stories

I am collecting stories from breast cancer survivors to help me make treatment decisions.  Right now I'm focusing on surgery decisions.  Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy?  Reconstruction vs. External Prostheses vs. Living Flat?

It's funny how when things become a reality in your life, it changes your views.  My whole life, I've always said, "If they find cancer, mastectomy for sure."  I never expected to have one second of wavering about that decision.  But, I did.  I think I have decided bilateral mastectomy for sure regardless of genetic testing results.  Now, on to the next decision.  Reconstruction or not?

This is why I want to hear from women who have been there and made these decisions.  I want to learn from the wisdom that comes with experience.  My doctors can only give me statistics and the what might happen.  Have you ever read the potential side effects on medication?  It's kind of the same thing, what might happen.  But, I want to hear stories of what did happen.  I want to know the choices you made, the recovery process stories, and whether you have any regrets or are happy with the decisions you made?  I want to hear the horror stories and the success stories.  I want to hear the REAL stories.  I want to hear the reality of how long before you could use your arms.  How long before independent functioning came back?  How long before you could dress yourself fully?
If you didn't choose reconstruction, what struggles if any did you have with your new body?

If you're not comfortable sharing your story as a blog post comment, please comment anyway.  Just tell me in your post that you don't want it made public.  I monitor all comments and won't publish any you ask me to keep private.  It can just be between us.  But, please share.  I am making a life changing decision and need the wisdom of experience to help guide me.  If you happen to be a breast cancer survivor and use a wheelchair, I'd really love to hear from you.  I can't wait to start collecting stories.

Thankful thoughts for today?
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