Sunday, May 17, 2015

Surgery Date in Place

How does life change for me now that I have surgery date in place?  I never really thought there would be any moments of relaxation until treatment was over, but I find myself being able to relax knowing there is a surgery date in place and nothing more I have to do or decide until it gets here.
So, maybe I will have a few weeks of peace to enjoy life around here before life changes dramatically again.

Positives about not having surgery until late June

  • Being able to help kids finish school year successfully
  • Attendance at all end of school events
  • Attending special beginning of summer events
  • Celebrating birthdays and Father's Day
  • Some summer gardening
  • Time to breathe
  • Time to plan ahead
  • Time to d/c medication and supplements before surgery
  • Time for Spring TV Season Finales
  • Attending support group before surgery
  • Warm weather 
  • Seeing Inside Out in theaters  
There's a lot to look forward to while I wait yet once again.  Only, this time, waiting doesn't seem so terrible.

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