Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pink is a Color, Not a Political Statement

I absolutely love the color pink and always have.  When I got to pick out carpet for my childhood bedroom, it was pink.  It absolutely broke my heart when my daughter went through a "no pink" phase. So, I was certainly prepared when I got the breast cancer diagnosis to wear a lot of pink.  In fact, my new watch happens to be pink.  :)

But, I  have noticed since my diagnosis that pink has taken on a new meaning.  People assume I wear pink for breast cancer awareness.  My own husband even asked me if I bought a pink watch in preparation for a possible diagnosis.  (I got it between biopsy and diagnosis).  When I shop for clothes now, I still find myself drawn to pink, but I wonder what message it will send.  The message is I LOVE PINK!!!

I want you to know that every time I wear pink it is not a political statement. I JUST LOVE PINK!!!

Found this on Pinterest and loved it!!!

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