Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I just received my pre-surgery instructions and post-surgical recovery information in the mail today.  Enclosed was an advertising card from a Woman's Imaging Center.  That little card provided hope to this house and maybe hope to some of you.

"Mammography is our best method of detecting breast cancer early.  A screening mammogram can find a tumor long before it can be felt--when there are no symptoms.  When breast cancer is found at the earlier stage, treatment is more effective and the survival rate can reach as much as 95 percent."

That one quote lowered the fear factor around here,  In fact, my daughter said, I have at least 5% chance of some random accident.  At least you know what is causing your 5%.  :)

Thankful thoughts for today:
Customer service available immediately via email
Schedules working out
Grocery store close

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