Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My "No Visitors" Sign is Down

My "No Visitors" sign came down today.  So that means besides phone calls, emails, following this blog, you are welcome to come visit.

I saw my doctor today and at this point, my immune system is still good.  That could change in the future as more treatments happen, especially if they include the removal of more lymph nodes and/or chemotherapy.  At this moment in time, though, my immune system is working.

Please call before you come since I do have appointments happening.  And, once these drain bags come out, I might be out doing some visiting of my own (or shopping, or eating out, or watching movies)  :)

Please be respectful of my decreased energy level.  I'd like to jump right back into normal activity, but I did have major surgery a week ago and I'm still pretty tired.  I'd love to see you, but maybe not for hours at a time. :)

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  1. Happy to hear that, Angel! Friends will do you good!


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