Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Finding Another Sisterhood

When I first became a member of the wheelchair users club, I was thrilled to find an amazing sisterhood through the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas program.  There was this amazing group of successful women who happened to use wheelchairs and could help me adjust positively to my new normal and live life successfully in my wheelchair.

I am now a member of another club, breast cancer patients/survivors.  This is not a club anyone would choose to join, but once you have joined, do your best to connect with other members.  If there is one thing I have learned, it is that those who have been there are the ones who can help you successfully navigate these uncharted waters you are about to go through.  Those who have been there can give the best advice about what may be coming and how to manage the future.  Those who have been there can empathize with what you are feeling because they've had those same feelings themselves.

I am thrilled to have found a support group through Victory in the Valley. It is nice to be in a room of people who have experienced what is coming in my life and can offer support and advice.  It was amazing to listen to my questions being answered before I could even voice them.  We talked about the very things I had been questioning and researching this week and I didn't even have to bring them up.  I left feeling more confident about the decisions I have made and more hopeful about the future.  I know that I am not alone as I go through this.  Although my treatment team of doctors has been amazing and patient about my multitude of questions, sometimes you just need a sisterhood of those who have traveled this way before.

I am thrilled to have found another sisterhood to help me adjust to my new, new normal.  :)
My daughter thinks it's funny that I am excited to go to support group.  She asked me if we meet in "the literal heart of Jesus."  Hee Hee We're full of The Fault in Our Stars references around here right now.  Thank you John Green for providing that emotional release for us.

Thankful thoughts for today:
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Victory in the Valley
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Thank you gifts

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