Monday, June 22, 2015

I Am Not a Sideshow Attraction

I've been asked a lot what I need.  What I mostly need is prayer, love, support (from a distance), and respecting my wishes and decisions about the choices I am making as I deal with my cancer treatment.

I am requesting no visitors (other than designated caregivers) until after my first post op appointment.  At that point, I'll let you know if the no visitation policy has changed.

I am going to spend a few minutes dealing with what I don't need.  
I don't need anyone coming over to stare at my new body like a sideshow attraction.
I don't need any crass comments.
I don't need anyone communicating with me like cancer is a death sentence.  That is not how I am choosing to address this.
I don't need negativity of any kind around me.
I don't need people assuming they know better than I and my doctors do about how to treat this cancer.
I don't need anyone getting bent out of shape about any treatment decisions (including my no visitors policy)
I don't need you to make this about you and your need to take care of your guilt about your aunt, cousin, friend, grandmother who had cancer and died.
I don't need you to speak to me with sympathy and pity.
I don't need you to get after my husband for following my wishes and making sure my needs are met.

I do need love and prayer and for you to continue to communicate with me this way.
Check out this great article on the best way to comfort the cancer patient (me) and those around me.

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