Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Getting My Number

In just a couple of hours my life will change yet once again.  This waiting phase will be over and I should know what's next.  A low number will mean hormone therapy is next.  A high number will mean chemotherapy is next.  A mid-number will mean more waiting is next.  That's what I do not want to happen.  I feel like I've waited enough.  I'm ready for the waiting phase to be over and action to begin.  I think I''m ready for either high or low. I'm ready to face whatever side effects are coming I'm just not prepared for even more waiting.  Stay tuned to this post and I will add the results later today.

And my number is  . . . .  11

What does this mean?  It means no chemotherapy.  We did discuss auxiliary node removal and/or radiation of chest wall.  After discussion of all options and potential side effects, and a phone call to a colleague, it was decided no surgery or radiation at this point.  :)

I will be having hormone therapy, but it will not be tamoxifen which is typically used for pre-menopausal woman.  That drug has a potential side effect of blood clots which is too risky for a wheelchair user with a traumatic brain injury.  So, within a couple of week I will be getting a shot of lupron to stop hormone production and instantly throw me into menopause.  Who ever knows exactly when menopause will begin?  This girl, that's who!  :)  Then four weeks from now I will be beginning my daily dose of anastrozole for at least 5 years.  During this month, I will also be getting a bone density test to establish a baseline before we begin messing with hormones.  I will also be getting a PET scan.  If it is clear, the plan progresses as determined today.  If cancer shows up elsewhere in my body, we renegotiate the treatment plan.  If it shows up in auxiliary nodes, surgery and radiation will be the next step.

I am instantly feeling much better.  Am I instantly feeling better because there will be no chemotherapy at this point?  Maybe.  But, I really think I am feeling better because I have a plan in place.  While surgery and radiation have not been ruled out completely, the waiting for PET scan results is not unbearable because there is a timeline in place.  I feel like the plan has been fully explained and we are all in agreement of the next step.  And, the plan is in motion.  There may be a detour to change the plan at one point, but I will know that within the next few weeks and I know not only what the plan is, but what the detour will entail.  I can handle detours as long as we keep moving.  I would be surprised if there aren't some detours along the way.  But, I think as long as we all discuss the plan fully and keep moving forward, I will be OK.


  1. Excellent! Sounds like the best outcome and no icky chemo or surgery! Yay!!! Bring on the night sweats! Lol. Love you!

  2. That is great news, Angel. And by the way, menopause isn't that bad.

  3. i'm so glad to read this, and glad that you have a plan! :) love you!


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