Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

This is not a good day.  I've heard the saying "two steps forward, one step back" many times in my life, but I seem to forget about it.  Somehow, I had thought recovery would be a steady progression forward.  Some days slower than others, but still moving forward, each day better than the one before.  Well, today proves that is not correct.  Here's a picture of what recovery is actually like.

Yesterday was a brighter day.  I think I got a bit cocky about my recovery.  I was able to get a t-shirt on, my pain was manageable with less pain medication, I felt good.  Well, perhaps I took feeling good for granted.  My husband tells me I overdid myself.  We took a walk/powerchair stroll to Walgreens and later in the day to the YMCA where I worked out.  I found myself feeling up to doing more housework and not just sitting around all day.  Well, today, I feel like pulling the covers over my head and staying in bed all day.  Back to button down shirts, staying home all day, and taking pain medication faithfully.  Maybe this is a good lesson in doing all things in moderation.  :)

Maybe this is good preparation for whatever is to come.  There will be good days and bad days and I will handle whatever comes my way.


  1. I am glad you realize it is part of the process. I hope you don't get down too much in your bad day. However, I am super glad you got to do so much yesterday! Yay!

    My CFS coach would say that consistency is what you need to aim for instead of the push/crash cycle. Steady small increments in daily activities. However, sometimes it does the mind wonders to go and do and feel semi-normal again! So I hope yesterday was fantastic! Love ya!

    1. Working on steady and small. :) I think I'm going to plan to leave my house max 2 times a day--one small errand in the morning and another after a nap. :)


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