Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hair: Stage 2

Today was Stage 2 of hair styles during this journey.  Following surgery, I realized I am unable to do my own hair at this point and while my husband has been wonderful helping where needed, including washing my hair, he is not a hair stylist.  He does not want to spend time making my hair gorgeous every day.  My care attendants are happy to help but are not always here at the exact moments I need my hair done.  So, I went to the salon looking for a solution this morning.  I did not take any pictures this time.  I just told my stylist I wanted something shorter that I could just wash, put product in, and let air dry.  Then, I let her work her magic.  Here is the result.
 At this moment, I am quite happy with it;.  My stylist works miracles.  :)    I just hope it's as easy to take care of as she said it would be.  We'll see in the morning.  Besides, I told her there are three options here: 1.  I will love it and want to keep it like this regardless of my future
                      2.  I will not love it and just grow it back out.
                      3.  If chemo is in my future, it will all fall out or be shaved off completely anyway.


  1. ok you look adorable:) love the style!

  2. Angel, your hair looks so full of body, and will feel so much cooler, no doubt. Good move. PS Is that a button down shirt? :-) Looks like a cute one.

  3. It's actually a zip front shirt.

  4. I love the hair!


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