Monday, April 27, 2015

Today My Life Will Change

Today my life will change.  I will be getting the results of my biopsy and no matter what they are life will change.  Either I will learn I have cancer and begin a journey I'm not sure I'm ready to take.  Or, the results will be benign and I will hopefully be able to relax and sleep through the night yet once again.  Either way, I am ready to know which direction I need to move forward and start this journey.  Either way I hope I don't forget the lessons I've been reminded of this past week.  I thought I had already learned the lesson that life can change in an instant, but I think I forgot some of those lessons I learned.  I hope I don't forget them this time around.  I hope I remember to cherish each moment and not take things for granted.  I hope I remember that I have a limited time with my children in my home that I need to take advantage of every minute.  I hope I remember to enjoy whatever time I have with them and teach them as many life lessons as I can.

This day will also change my life because I should be getting some answers about the wheelchair I've been waiting not so patiently for.  My chair broke in January and I've been using a borrowed chair and waiting for my new one since then.  I'm ready to get back into one custom made to fit my needs.  This has been a frustrating process, but maybe I'll get some answers today.

While we're at it, let's sell our old house today.  If life is going to change today, let's handle a good change as well.  :)

I woke up knowing my life would change today and wanting to just cover my head with blankets and stay in bed all day.  But, I decided to be a responsible grown-up and face the day.  :)  So, now I get my kiddos ready to do school work all day and I wait.  We'll see what changes today brings.

P.S.  I hate waiting!

Biopsy showed cancer cells
Wheelchair complications have been ironed out enough to order it today.  It will be here in 7-10 days.
No news yet on the house.

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