Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hair: Stage 1

I really have no idea what this journey will do for my hair, but the word cancer automatically makes me think of hair loss.  After my biopsy, before the results were in I was combing my hair after the shower thinking I sure hope this doesn't all fall out, but if it does, I don't want to be dealing with the mass that is my hair.  So, I made a decision at that point if I got a cancer diagnosis, I would cut my hair.  My grandma asked me this weekend, just in conversation, if I was planning to keep me hair long.  My response was "it depends on the results of the biopsy."

Well, now we have the results of the biopsy.  So one of the first things I did was begin searching for a shorter hairstyle.  Thanks to all of you who voted.  I took the picture of the winner to the salon and explained the situation and how little time and energy I would like to spend on my hair and told her to go for it.  Thank you Stephanie for the result.  :)  I'm pleased with how it turned out at the salon.  Now, if I can only get similar results at home.  :)
So, step 1 is complete.  Now to find out what treatment I'll be having and how it will impact my hair.  If I lose it, I'm sure I'll be seeking advice about step 2.  If I don't, hey I have a lighter, cooler haircut for summer that so far I'm quite happy with.


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  1. Angel, thinking of you and hoping for full recovery! Greg Mann

  2. Love the hair!!! That's how you looked when you lived here!!!!

    1. I think so too. But, back then I was capable of actually doing something with my hair, so we'll see how this works out. She tells me it's simple and doesn't require much effort from me. We'll see. :)


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