Monday, April 27, 2015

This Time I Don't Want My Quarterback

Almost 11 years ago, we were given odds that has us praying for our "quarterback."  Well, I guess to be completely honest, everyone else was praying for our "quarterback."  I was laying in a medicated coma and then focusing all my energy on recovery.  I'm so glad there were people praying for my "quarter back" and loving both of us no matter what was around the corner.  After the accident, we were told our son had a 75% chance of severe brain damage.  So, everyone began praying for our "quarter back."  We wanted that 25% without severe brain damage.  And, God is good and answered those prayers "yes".  We got our "quarter back" and beat the odds.  :)

Well, this time around I don't want to beat the odds.  The number is not quite the same, but very close.  I was told at my biopsy that 80% of breast biopsies in America come back benign.  That means 20% are cancerous.  Well, I don't want to beat those odds.  I don't want my "quarter back" this time around.  I'm quite happy to be part of the norm. :)  So, this time around no one is praying for my "quarter back" but I'm thankful they are still loving me no matter what is around the corner.

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